Ease your GraphQL development

Create and maintain your schemas with a simple GUI. Click Generate. We write the code. It's that easy!

Already have an existing code base? We’ll scan the code and import your work.

Give it a try for 14 days. We won’t ask for a credit card and we’ll make it simple to get you started. If for some strange reason you don’t love it, you can download your schema or we’ll put in a repo for you.

Features designed for you

XADDAX will speed up your GraphQL development by managing your schemas and generating code for your favorite GraphQL libraries. Using a simple GUI you can create and maintain your schemas. When you are ready, just click generate and you’ll get a pull request with the generated code.

This tool is language and library agnostic. Is your client side using Apollo with React and your server is in Python using Graphene? Not a problem. Maybe Angular with a PHP backend? We have you covered. Are you working with a team? Share the schema between team members with our team plan

Write Less Code

Just set up your queries and mutations and let XADDAX write the code for you.

Easy GraphQL Schema Management

Your schema can be in a single repo, across multiple repos, or not in a repo at all. It is easily managed in XADDAX.

Language and Library Agnostic

You're not using NodeJS for your server, no worries, you can also use PHP or Python. It doesn't matter if you are using Angular or React on the client, we can work with that too!


Different devs on client side and server side, no worries, share the project with them and they can generate the code they need.

Automatic Pull Requests

When you are ready, XADDAX will generate your code and put in a PR, just like another member of the team.

Span Multiple Repos

Is your client side code and server side code in different repos? Not a problem! Is part of the code in a library in a separate repo, we can handle that too.

Easy Pricing



$59 / month
$599 / yearly
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Access Unlimited Repos in Projects
  • 5 Team Members
  • Only $15 per month for each additional team member